Saturday, June 17, 2006

Short clip idea #1

Starts off with a friend talking to another friend
Fade from black - - -
you just see faces as they talk
Friend A-Played by Zach
Friend B-Played by myself

Zach is explaining how i can rob a bank, break into someones house, something like that. As he explains it it cuts to video of it happening. with a VO, probably no NAT. He explains for roughly 40 secs how to do this. And after that it shows me succeeding but the with a vo i say "there's only one problem" as i saw that the video obviously shows every thing that can go wrong, either at every step of the way or just at the end. Then zach says "what's that?" and i say "i have no arms or legs" that would be a vo and it would show me running and falling, then maybe a shot or me with no arms or legs in the re-enactment and the real life.... comments? suggestions?


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