Monday, April 23, 2007

Rachel Project - Tubes

Rachel had a sculpture project that was documented through video but it was very poor quality. We set the project up for a second time, i filmed it, edited it, and rachel picked the music. The music is by: I Monster - Daydream In Blue

Rachel Project - Arco

My Friend Rachel had an Idea, I had a camera. We put our skills together and made this video. . . The music is: Cake - Arco Arena

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

RIAA - Music piracy at UT (Video)

Created for and UTTV to provide information to the students about the current situation with the RIAA.
This one is formatted for


TNJN news/Promo peice

Created for as a promotional piece. The audio track a couple other shots need to be changed

Audio Slideshow sample

Audio slide show created for class to expand the features on a news story.

TNJN Promo Video

This was a sample promo video to UT's new website devoted to web journalism. no audio was added at this point and it probably won't be used.

About the Orange - Possible Title sequence

This is a title sequence for one of the shows we are doing at UT.